ICCA statistics are just one option when ranking cities

Using key global city rankings to help your destination stand out in the meetings industry

ICCA has partnered with our friends (and ICCA Congress speakers) Greg Clark and Tim Moonen at The Business of Cities to share with ICCA members their comprehensive analysis of the most useful and insightful global cities rankings.

Next week marks the release of ICCA’s eagerly awaited and widely promoted annual city and country rankings based on the number of rotating international association meetings hosted. This additional city ranking resource demonstrates that there are numerous alternative approaches to the analysis of competitive position and performance!

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How can destinations take advantage of their ICCA rankings?


2 golden stars

It’s time to take advantage of your ICCA ranking! ICCA’s 2015 country and city rankings will be published on 17 May at noon CET.

Your destination’s ranking in the ICCA Statistics reflects your position in the international association meetings market and offers some very valuable PR opportunities which you should not miss out on.

Here are 5 reasons why you should start taking PR-advantage of the new ICCA rankings: Continue reading

Using social media to maximise education and networking

How ICCA used social media to add value to its 2015 Congress


The 2014 ICCA Congress in Antalya had tremendous social media traffic and provided some valuable results (see: 15 Reasons ICCA had tremendous Twitter traffic at the 2014 Congress). The most valuable results were not only the fact that 59% of the delegates indicated in the post-congress survey that they used social media before, during and/or after the event, but that 70% of those delegates said it helped them increase the value of their ICCA Congress experience.  Additionally, almost 75% said they feel using Twitter helped them to increase their interaction with other members. These are very high and tangible results that are hard to top! Was this a one year result only and did ICCA get lucky or was this a more structural result that we could repeated this year?

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4 Meetings PR trends in 2015


The 5 shortlisted campaigns for the ICCA Best PR Award 2015 showed some clear parallels, which sum up the latest trends in meetings industry PR:

  • Destinations are using local expertise and local knowledge to position themselves as knowledge hubs
  • Even though we are in a B2B market –  all campaigns are aimed at people, and about finding ways to activate people
  • Successful PR campaigns use storytelling
  • They all successfully implement online channels

All successful PR campaigns of the 5 shortlisted candidates include at least 3 of these 4 aspects. Find short interviews by Ian Whiteling about all 5 campaigns below, including an introduction by James Latham of Best PR Award sponsore International Meetings Rreview and Best PR Award judging panel chair Johanna Fischer:

See also: Why Bogota won the ICCA Best PR Award 2015

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Why Bogota won the ICCA Best PR Award 2015


A beautiful story in itself: The judges unanimously chose the first Latin American winner of the Best PR Award, which was announced at the 2015 ICCA Congress in Buenos Aires, Argentina: The Greater Bogota Convention Bureau.

Bogota’s “People: The Power of Hope” PR campaign, supporting their bid for the One Young World Summit, successfully activated the local community to tell the story of Colombia’s transformation with Latin American spirit and passion.

At the recent ibtm world tradeshow in Barcelona, James Latham of Best PR Award sponsor International Meetings Review interviewed Sandra Garcia of the Greater Bogota Convention Bureau about their campaign:

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How to use social media to add value to your ICCA Congress? – Part 2: What to share?

The previous blog post elaborated on how to make use of the different social media channels to add value to your ICCA Congress experience. You might think, yes, Mathijs, this all sounds very nice, but how to put this to action? What should I post?

Gerrit Heijkoop’s (of ICCA member How Can I Be Social) “5  L’s” provide a very useful rule of thumb to help write valuable and relevant Social Media updates . I hope this will give you some inspiration to join the #ICCAWorld Congress conversation: Continue reading

ICCA announces Best PR Award 2015 shortlist

ICCA announced the shortlist for this year’s ICCA Best PR Award, who will share their PR campaigns as examples of good practice at the 54th ICCA Congress in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The shortlisted 2015 ICCA Best PR Award candidates are (in alphabetical order):

  • Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre (BCEC)’s campaign to generate an international profile for Brisbane as a centre of science and research excellence around hosting the G20 Leaders Summit
  • Dubai Business Events, for its PR strategy to position Dubai as a new destination for associations and business events
  • Glasgow City Marketing Bureau’s PR strategy based on partnership with their clients to support their events and showcase the city to potential clients
  • Greater Bogota Convention Bureau for their PR campaign supporting the bid for the One Young World Summit
  • London & Partners for their ‘Love the event & Love the experience’ campaign

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How to use social media to add value to your ICCA Congress?


Last year’s ICCA Congress propelled on social media (See related press release  and “15 Reasons ICCA had tremendous Twitter traffic at the 2014 Congress”). While on average 10-20% of delegates at a conference or tradeshow are active on Twitter, almost 60% of ICCA Congress delegates were active on Twitter before, during or after the ICCA Congress.

How to make the most of this opportunity and use social media to increase your ICCA Congress experience? Continue reading

Johanna Fischer

ICCA members’ press releases part 2 – topics and creativity

We viewed and categorized a total of 48 press releases published on the ICCA website in July to share some observations.

The majority of texts introduce changes in infrastructure, new developments, strategies and concepts – 19 % of the 48 July releases are in context with sustainability matters in one way or the other.
Announcements of congresses won and awards/competitions are the other topics used for the releases. Some articles fit into more than 1 category; hence the majority of press releases are on the factual rather than on the inspiring – story-telling – side. Continue reading

Johanna Fischer

Preparing for PR Award 2015 – looking at ICCA members’ press releases

This Meetings PR blog looks to inspire and help ICCA members to improve their PR and content marketing efforts for better commercial gain and success.

Obviously you as a reader are interested in what is good and smart PR in the meetings industry!

The PR award panel currently works on identifying ICCA members with  ‘good’ PR, to nominate them for the ICCA PR Award during the Congress in Buenos Aires. I’d like to share some analysis and aspects that I come across during the process, in this blog.

To see what kind of ‘stories’ are presented in the associations community, my team and I did an analysis of press releases published on the ICCA members press releases section on the ICCA website during the month of July 2015:

We have looked at a total of 48 press releases, which we viewed one-by-one, categorized them and would like to share some findings with you. Continue reading