It’s not about the price tag!

ICCA CEO Martin Sirk’s opening speech at the ICCA Research, Sales & Marketing Programme, which took place in July in Amsterdam was titled: “It is not about the price tag”. His key message was that many innovative marketing campaigns are done on a low budget. Being successful is not about the budget, it is about being creative, recognising and taking benefit of opportunities and using the talents of your staff.

This idea was very much reflected in my #RSMP13 presentation on PR:

How important are ICCA and UIA ranking lists?  T#RSMP13ake a deeper look at ICCA’s and UIA’s city and country rankings by number of international association meetings hosted. These rankings can be great opportunities for generating positive PR and buyer interest, or reinforcing the key attributes of your city or country brand. This session explains the background of the ICCA rankings, shows how some destinations successfully use their ICCA rankings to increase their PR profile and explores other PR opportunities that are at your fingertips.

Also reflecting this idea: My band Xcusa and ICCA’s Researcher Tim Schwartzman, a.k.a. “DJ Tim”, were part of the special evening entertainment at the RSMP Farewell Party. The party theme was “add some orange”. Delegates dressed up in orange, the atmosphere was great and people were dancing and partying right form the start. I am conviced that the chance that the delegates would have had such a great evening would be much smaller if an unknown band and DJ would have been involved in the party. It certainly would have been a lot more expensive ;0)

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