New social media toolkit released by Tourism Research Australia

Get social and improve your event

Australia’s most successful and growing regional events are using social media platforms to create strong event attendance and reputation. By connecting their events to communities of interest, they create networks of advocates and take the pressure off marketing budgets.

Tourism Research Australia together with the South Australian Tourism Commission and Tourism Victoria, contracted iSpy Research to produce the toolkit: Get social and improve your event! The toolkit was developed to give event organisers and marketers real, hands on, “how to” lessons to help make the most of every marketing dollar spent promoting their event.

The study found that nearly 80 per cent of people who attended a regional event in Australia used social media, and nearly one-third (30 per cent) of them used social media to engage with the event before, during and after.

The toolkit provides some very practical guidelines and checklists. Check it out!

2 comments on “New social media toolkit released by Tourism Research Australia

  1. Hi Mathijs,

    interesting post!

    Glad we will meet at Antalya, where I’ll be a speaker!

    D’you think this may be a case study for my session on content marketing for DMCs? Would you have a contact at SATC?


    Michael Heipel


    sent from a mobile device


  2. Hi Michael!

    Yes, I know you will be in Antalya: Looking forward to meeting up (finally!).

    I do not have a specific contact at SATC, but you could find contact details in our Membership DIrectry online:

    Please note that Xing Events is launching their annual “Social media & events” report soon as well (see previous one here:

    You could refer members to:the “Social media for meetings” ICCA Resource Publication ( and this blog, as these are both created to help ICCA members out.

    Hope this helps, let me know if I can be of any more help.

    Best regards,

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