Win! Sex! Crisis!

The word “win” is like the word “sex” or “crisis”: It is an attention grabber.

Even though the actual meeting itself is usually years away, given the long lead-time of association meetings, winning a bid is a great PR opportunity, which probably not enough members are making full use of.

As with all good stories, just announcing the news fact (the win) is not enough. The news releases that get most coverage are the ones that build an interesting and newsworthy story around the news fact. Consider these questions:

  • Why/how did you win the bid? What were the decisive factors?
  • Do you have a succesful marketing campaign or ambassador programme?
  • Focus on the content of the meeting: What is the meeting about?
  • What is the value of the meeting for your destination, for the delegates, for society?
  • Use association representatives as spokerpersons.
  • Include your key messages / USPs as identified in your PR plan
  • Include your ICCA ranking, as a statistical reference of your overall performance.

Share your Business Wins with the ICCA community and help update the ICCA Association Database

ICCA members can now share their Business Wins with the ICCA community by submitting the details of their winning bid using a form in My ICCA (in the ICCA PR Kit section). We are using these meeting details to update the ICCA Association Database and to help you raise your profile in the international meetings industry. Your Business Win are posted in the Business Wins section on the ICCA website and shared via the @ICCAWORLD Twitter account.

Are you distributing a press release to accompany your winning bids? We suggest you do! Please add a link to the release to your Business Win announcement or upload your press release to the ICCA Member Press Releases section on the ICCA website. If you haven’t done so already, we strongly suggest to use the ICCA Press Database to distribute your news.

We would like to invite you all to publish your Business Wins and your related news stories!

See also: ICCA Statistics – Make them ROCK!

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