Social Media & Events Report 2014

Social Media & Events Report 2014: The meetings industry increases its social media activities

How is the meetings industry using social networks for event marketing? ICCA once again was a media partner for XING EVENTS’ (before: amiando) annual Social Media & Events Survey. Beginning in April until the end of June 2014 XING EVENTS surveyed about 2,000 event organisers in order to learn how organisers utilize social media as a marketing instrument, what the latest trends and where the biggest challenges lie:

  • The meetings industry increases its social media activities
  • Like last year, Facebook (89%) and Twitter (63%) are the most important social media channels
  • Almost 50% of event organisers were able to increase the awareness of their event and brand with social media
  • Despite the huge potential, still not enough resources are being made available. This means lack of time and insufficient human resources continue to be the biggest obstacle for reaching ones goals.
  • Matchmaking is becoming more important:
    The prospect of networking opportunities has become just as important for attendees as the event itself. Organisers have identified this trend. Already 30% are providing their attendees with the means to network in advance of the event. While 70% of the surveyed organisers are not yet offering such functionality, at least 41% are interested in the idea of matchmaking.

Download the Social Media & Events Report 2014.
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