Johanna Fischer

Preparing for PR Award 2015 – looking at ICCA members’ press releases

This Meetings PR blog looks to inspire and help ICCA members to improve their PR and content marketing efforts for better commercial gain and success.

Obviously you as a reader are interested in what is good and smart PR in the meetings industry!

The PR award panel currently works on identifying ICCA members with  ‘good’ PR, to nominate them for the ICCA PR Award during the Congress in Buenos Aires. I’d like to share some analysis and aspects that I come across during the process, in this blog.

To see what kind of ‘stories’ are presented in the associations community, my team and I did an analysis of press releases published on the ICCA members press releases section on the ICCA website during the month of July 2015:

We have looked at a total of 48 press releases, which we viewed one-by-one, categorized them and would like to share some findings with you.

PART 1 – About the do’s and don’ts in press releases

Press releases are intended to be interesting enough to be noticed and published by media – on- and offline. Here’s a couple of tips (some of them obvious) that can make for a good guideline:

1. Press releases should be short (500 – 800 words) and precise; factual and reliable and present an interesting or inspiring story, and not a marketing text.

2. The most important information must appear in the beginning and the text must answer the 5W’s – Who What When Where Why.

3. There should be a basic understanding on ways that news is disseminated – making them easily usable for multiple and social channels.

The texts we viewed are often too long and sometimes miss common sense: ICCA being a global organization it would be helpful to know the destination or origin of the press release immediately (in the headline). In some texts it was hard to make out which part of the world they relate to. (See “the 5W”)

Thinking in multi-channel interaction – why not make use of all opportunities provided by ICCA to enjoy additional ‘branding’ and visibility and use ICCA’s social channels for distribution? I also think that using pdfs is old-school, when so many publications are online and everybody needs quick and easy access to links and shares. Accompanying pictures should be linked in the text to high-res sources, to make the approach more practical for the users….

Please see a conclusion of do’s and don’ts in the infographic:

infographic tmf dialogue

infographic tmf dialogue

PART 2 will follow in a few days and will have a closer look at the topics used and give some indication how press releases could break the seemingly ‘normal’ scheme of providing information in the meetings industry

Johanna Fischer is Managing Director of tmf dialogue marketing and chairing the nomination panel for the ICCA PR award.

tmf dialogue marketing Europe / India is an expert for dialogue marketing with focus on international Meetings, Incentive, Conferences and Events (MICE) markets. We match innovative meetings PR and content marketing services with excellent personal contacts/database in key markets through a sophisticated mix of live communication, media and PR work, sales support and expertise in multi-channel content publishing. Clients of the group are leading convention bureaus, tourist offices, venues, hotels and other service providers in Europe and worldwide.

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