Why Bogota won the ICCA Best PR Award 2015


A beautiful story in itself: The judges unanimously chose the first Latin American winner of the Best PR Award, which was announced at the 2015 ICCA Congress in Buenos Aires, Argentina: The Greater Bogota Convention Bureau.

Bogota’s “People: The Power of Hope” PR campaign, supporting their bid for the One Young World Summit, successfully activated the local community to tell the story of Colombia’s transformation with Latin American spirit and passion.

At the recent ibtm world tradeshow in Barcelona, James Latham of Best PR Award sponsor International Meetings Review interviewed Sandra Garcia of the Greater Bogota Convention Bureau about their campaign:

Download the presentation of Bogota’s winning PR campaign.

ICCA’s Mathijs Vleeming discussed this year’s entries with the Chair of the Best PR Award judging panel Johanna Fischer:


The 5 shortlisted campaigns for the ICCA Best PR Award 2015 showed some clear parallels, which sum up the latest trends in meetings industry PR. See: 4 Meetings PR trends for 2015

Take note: We are on the lookout again for ICCA member PR campaigns for the 2016 Best PR Award!

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