4 Meetings PR trends in 2015


The 5 shortlisted campaigns for the ICCA Best PR Award 2015 showed some clear parallels, which sum up the latest trends in meetings industry PR:

  • Destinations are using local expertise and local knowledge to position themselves as knowledge hubs
  • Even though we are in a B2B market –  all campaigns are aimed at people, and about finding ways to activate people
  • Successful PR campaigns use storytelling
  • They all successfully implement online channels

All successful PR campaigns of the 5 shortlisted candidates include at least 3 of these 4 aspects. Find short interviews by Ian Whiteling about all 5 campaigns below, including an introduction by James Latham of Best PR Award sponsore International Meetings Rreview and Best PR Award judging panel chair Johanna Fischer:

See also: Why Bogota won the ICCA Best PR Award 2015

What do you think of the campaigns of this year’s finalists?

2 comments on “4 Meetings PR trends in 2015

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