ICCA statistics are just one option when ranking cities

Using key global city rankings to help your destination stand out in the meetings industry

ICCA has partnered with our friends (and ICCA Congress speakers) Greg Clark and Tim Moonen at The Business of Cities to share with ICCA members their comprehensive analysis of the most useful and insightful global cities rankings.

Next week marks the release of ICCA’s eagerly awaited and widely promoted annual city and country rankings based on the number of rotating international association meetings hosted. This additional city ranking resource demonstrates that there are numerous alternative approaches to the analysis of competitive position and performance!

The Business of Cities has tracked the comparative benchmarking of city performance for the past decade. In 2015, its synthesis of 200 city indexes and rankings covered the trends and development patterns of over 800 cities. In May 2016, it published new analysis of the latest benchmarks and the emerging science of measuring cities.

Benchmarking research yields many insights into how cities can position themselves in the global urban system. It highlights the growing specialisation and distinctiveness of a wider group of cities, traces the emerging ‘system’ of cities in each continent, and gives cities a way to promote their infrastructure, identity and open-ness to capital and talent.

There are now dozens of robust and relevant indexes for ICCA members to explore. These include, as just a sample:

The Business of Cities also provides diagnostic assessments for individual cities, and offers support to government and corporate organisations that seek to create their own public or in-house benchmarking tools. One example from 2016, of Oslo, can be viewed here.

The Business of Cities

For more information visit www.thebusinessofcities.com

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