Evaluation criteria

For ICCA Best PR Award candidates, we are looking for ICCA members that showed PR excellence in the period of summer 2013 until August 2014. We are looking for high-visibility coverage, for strong story-telling, for brand consistency, for innovative and creative ways of successfully using web and social media channels, for PR that showcases success or helps to overcome a crisis. Only ICCA members can be included. Paid advertising is not included.

Evaluation criteria and scoring grid for the judging panel, to be answered by the member candidate:

  1. Objectives/challenges/strategy – 10 points

What you were trying to achieve through your PR. Judges will be looking for how well your PR project planning and outputs related to these. Also please indicate clearly who we’re your target audience(s).

  1. Creativity – 20 points

This is one of the main reasons your PR was spotted, of course, but we would like to hear more about the creative thinking that went into the work, and the ideas you came up with to get noticed or differentiate yourself or call your audience to take action.

  1. Execution and quality – 10 points

Please summarize your planning and execution – did you use an agency, was there a specific budget allocated to this PR work; how was the timing of your releases scheduled, how quickly did you turn opportunities into action, etc. You can also provide us with examples of the original releases.

  1. Evaluation/ROI – 20 points

We spotted your coverage, but can you provide us with more quantitative data on what was achieved, including monetary value, and the extent to which you reached your key target audiences. Were there any business results (eg enquiry levels, bookings, reduced cancellations, etc) that you can attribute directly to your PR work?

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