Johanna Fischer

ICCA members’ press releases part 2 – topics and creativity

We viewed and categorized a total of 48 press releases published on the ICCA website in July to share some observations.

The majority of texts introduce changes in infrastructure, new developments, strategies and concepts – 19 % of the 48 July releases are in context with sustainability matters in one way or the other.
Announcements of congresses won and awards/competitions are the other topics used for the releases. Some articles fit into more than 1 category; hence the majority of press releases are on the factual rather than on the inspiring – story-telling – side. Continue reading

It’s not about the price tag!

ICCA CEO Martin Sirk’s opening speech at the ICCA Research, Sales & Marketing Programme, which took place in July in Amsterdam was titled: “It is not about the price tag”. His key message was that many innovative marketing campaigns are done on a low budget. Being successful is not about the budget, it is about being creative, recognising and taking benefit of opportunities and using the talents of your staff.

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